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Digital Lenses

Custom made for the way you view the world.

Seiko Optical Products is proud to offer our professional customers the
very best in free-form progressive digital lens surfacing with the SEIKO
Perfas family of progressive addition (no-line multifocal) lenses.
SEIKO Perfas lenses use patented 100% back-surface free-form lens technology to process the patient’s entire prescription onto the back surface   of the lens. This technology provides benefits to the wearer which simply cannot be matched by any conventionally manufactured designs.

Perfas back surface design effectively eliminates the swimming and
swaying sensations often experienced with progressive lenses.
With the prescription on the back of the lens, closer to the eye, the
visual zones are much wider. It’s like looking through the keyhole of an
old door lock–the closer your eye gets to the key hole, the more of the
next room you can see.