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Laser Surgery Consultations

Dr.Hollis Stavn is an Associate of Pacific Laser in Santa Rosa and Laservue the North Bay's only dedicated refractive surgery centers utilizing the latest advancements in the art and science of refractive surgery. We perform eye exams and followup care for refractive surgery done at the Pacific Laser Eye Center and Laservue.

How The Laser Works-LASIK
How LASIK works. Corneal cap lifted.LASIK is the most advanced method of changing the shape of the cornea to improve the way light is focused by the eye. The new LASIK procedure features increased comfort and faster recovery time to better vision compared with an alternate procedure known as PRK. Most people experience very little or no discomfort and return to normal activities within a day or two!

First, a thin layer of cornea called a "cap" is lifted by a microkeratome gliding across the cornea or in a newer technigue by a laser. Then high energy pulses from the laser reshape the cornea with a high level of accuracy. How LASIK works. Corneal cap closed.By adjusting the pattern of the laser beam it is possible to treat high levels of nearsightedness and moderate levels of farsightedness and astigmatism. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

The First Step

Finding out more about your refractive error and vision needs is the first step. To do this you need to make an appointment for your laser exam consultation. Please call our office at 707-527-9137 to make your appointment and find out more about the benefits of refractive surgery.